Download information for RTL8152B.ndi.NT

This is driver version 10.5.0915.2015, released on Sept. 15, 2015, midnight.

This driver package includes the following files

  Filename Size SHA-1
rtux86w10.inf 48.8 KB 5c1b37dcabadbc90afe57c9481bc7bc2
rtux86w10.sys 249.0 KB 25aad58649ed68f032780aebef3d8867
(full driver) 297.8 KB Coming soon

The following alternative versions of this driver are known

  Driver Inf Version Date
RTL8152B.ndi.NT rtux64w8 8.25.0602.2015
RTL8152B.ndi.NT rtu64w8 8.13.0106.2014
RTL8152B.ndi.NT rtu86w8 8.11.0808.2013
RTL8152B.ndi.NT rtu64w8 8.11.0808.2013
RTL8152B.ndi.NT rtu86w8 8.9.0513.2013
RTL8152B.ndi.NT rtu86w8 8.9.0513.2013